Bounce House Rental

Let's get this party started!  A bounce house rental is a fantastic way to get people excited about your next event.  People love the nostalgic feeling they get when they see a bounce house.  With our busy and stressful lifestyles, most people never take the time to slow down, cut loose, and make memories with their families.  A bounce house rental is a great way to change that.  Kids, adults, and all the neighbors will be lining up to get their chance to bounce their worries away.  We decided to make a "Top 5 Reasons" list why to rent a bounce house:
  1. Fun!!!  Nobody gets bored jumping away inside one of our exciting bouncers.
  2. Easy!!!  You reserve, we do all the work!
  3. Affordable!!!  Check out our competitive prices, they can't be beat when comparing "apples to apples".
  4. Groups!!!  Our bounce houses can keep lots of guests entertained for hours.  Several options available!
  5. Safe!!!  We are fully insured, we meet all state regulations, and our equipment is sanitized after every use.

Why choose Crazy Monkey Inc. for your bounce house rental?

We are a family owned and operated Inflatable Bounce House & Party Rental Company located in Erie, PA.  We provide full service that includes delivery, set up, tear down, and pick-up.  See details of our service area here.  We stay up to date on the latest and greatest trends to ensure our customer satisfaction.  All of our party rentals are new or look new due to our extensive cleaning and sanitizing process.  We take this very seriously as we know people can't enjoy their event if they're embarrassed by a dirty, moldy, or smelly bounce house.  Not to mention the health concerns due to uncleanliness.  All of our trained employees will be courteous and on time to ensure your party starts off without a hitch.  Contact us today and let us take care of the rest.