Human Foosball

Human Foosball is a must have for your next big party or event. Church groups, Schools, College events, fund raisers or just one big party. Get your 5 person teams together and battle in the reel life foosball game. Working together with the people on your line just like the table game you must stay connected with your team by hanging onto your bar and moving side to side trying to score against your opponent. The field is huge and has plenty of room for your 2 teams 10 players in all at 20 feet wide and over 45 feet long this game can be set up inside or out and when its outside on grass we can take the vinyl floor out so you are playing on grass. You can set up tournaments and have each team pay to raise money for your charity. You can use it for a backyard party or any event you want to make spectacular. With Human foosball, the possibilities are endless it’s just plain fun for the little ones and all the way up to adults.
human foosball