Obstacle Course Rentals

Inflatable obstacle courses are a great way to get the kids active and are very popular for schools, churches or big events. A good course can move lots of kids or adults quickly through so more people can have fun in a short period of time. Here at Crazy Monkey we have lots of options that can satisfy just about anybody that wants to have some fun. Starting with our 30’ obstacle course it’s perfect for the little ones like toddlers so mom or dad can go through with them or let them go on the adventure Themselves. This starter course has walk through openings, pop ups, log jams, squeeze walls and crawl tubes. This is perfect for the toddlers but also makes a great connection piece to the next challenge.

obstacle course rentals

The next piece is our 40’ Obstacle course it has 7 elements including a small climbing wall and slide making it a little harder than the 30’ Course. The next piece is our Rock Climb-N-Slide it has crawl tubes a nice climbing wall and a large slide at the end. This piece is great when combined with some of the other ones to make a larger course.
obstacle course rentals

Our 45’ incline course is super fun. It begins with crawl tubes, then through some pop-ups all while you are headed uphill then a small climbing wall and a squeeze tube then a big slide to the bottom.obstacle course rentals

The final piece on every tough course should be the Vertical Rush standing 22 feet tall with a super steep climbing wall crawl tubes at the beginning and a monster drop slide at the finishobstacle course rentals

With all the pieces above, you can create many different obstacle courses ranging from 30’ long up to 200’, With all these options we can tailor a course for just about anyone. We list a few different sizes for bigger events or just a crazy backyard party. The Mega obstacle course lays out at a whopping 100 feet making it a challenge for just about anyone. Then we have the Ultimate Obstacle Course that lays out at 130’ long!
obstacle course rentals

Lastly we have “The Beast From the East" - it combines all of our obstacle course pieces to give you one of the longest matching courses on this side of the country. The final course runs about 200’ in total and gives you the ultimate challenge. So get your teams together and have a blast at your next party or event.